“When you look at the world differently, you may just change it for good.”

I once heard someone say that imagination rules the world. Thomas Edison said that “imagination is better than knowledge because it is a preview of life’s coming attraction.” The law of imagination simply states that ‘thou shall be creative at all times for only on that path will you be led toward innovation.’ People see great things that happen in various organizations or great products and they are amazed at how innovative the products are.


Isn’t it sad that a good majority of individuals in a lot of organizations are caterpillars? They carry this as a mentality and a predisposition, but all that can change if we choose to do what the caterpillar does at a certain stage in its lifecycle. You may ask, what is that change and how does a caterpillar initiate that change? It goes into what is called a ‘cocoon’; it takes itself into an environment that it creates, away from every other factor, away from every other influence and says “I need to do something to myself, I am responsible for where I am and what I have become and if I can change that, if I can adjust that, if I can refine that, then I can begin a process of self-transformation”, and that’s what this discussion is about: Self-transformation through learning.


In looking at the Law of Ability, the focus is on the development of skills and specific competencies. This law is different from the natural empowering we enjoy through the Law of Endowment.

The Law of Ability commands you to take responsibility for the other various acquirements necessary to make you a success – skills. It makes it solely the individual’s duty to go out and produce ability. This law states that ‘thou shall acquire relevant and function specific skills for your success in the workplace’. Today’s world appreciates and remunerates those relevant skills beyond mere paper qualifications. These days employers will ask, so what can you do?


The next law is the Law of Awareness. This law simply states that ‘thou shall study to show yourself approved’. How? By keeping abreast with goings on and staying up to date regarding your chosen and related endeavours.

It is very critical to keep apace with all that is happening around you, all that is happening in the working place, current trends, evolving behaviors and patterns by studying global trends and behaviors and also best practice. You must be aware, you must learn, you must know. A verse in the scripture says; “my people perish from lack of knowledge”, you must know the word, you must learn.


The law of Endowment simply states that; thou shall discover your potential and nurture your God-given talent in the course of your work in life. There is something that nature gave to you, there is a unique ability that nature has endowed you with, you have to discover it. Do not let your degree from a University be what puts the lid on your capacity as a human being.

Whatever it is, whatever competencies that you and I have acquired from institutionalized education, they are okay as they are part of the processes of helping us equip ourselves with skills and with abilities. But beyond that are the things nature intended for you to do, the things that God designed for you to naturally do.


Most of us are fans of various football clubs, especially clubs in the English Premier League; some of us are die hard Chelsea fans, there are Manchester United fans, there are Liverpool fans and Arsenal fans. Most of us are lifelong supporters of various football clubs and that is okay but the point that I wish to make is not about following football clubs.


Wherever you find confusion, wherever you find depression, wherever you find people resigned to fate; it is more likely a situation of an absence of purpose because where there is resignation, confusion, depression; chances are that among such people, there is no meaning to their living.

This is a call to live our life with meaning; it is a challenge to bring a sense of direction to whatever it is we are seeking. The first point I want us to know is this: No man is born without a purpose: whichever way you want to look at it and I don’t care who that person is; no man is born without a purpose. You are placed here to fulfill a specific purpose regardless of who we are; where you are from or your current financial or material possession in life.


Success has its principles which work for anybody and everybody when applied irrespective of religion, gender, tribe, race, language and status. Peak performance is a science; how to achieve greatness is methodical; there are no mysteries around it.

Even though Shakespeare said that some are born great, others achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them, I still believe that true greatness is achieved. Check out those who were born, so to speak, into greatness or those who had greatness thrust on them, how have they fared eventually?  Many of the people born into greatness, born into affluence, born into wealth ended up squandering and wasting those assets.


When I came out of the university with a third class in Biology Education, many people told me “sorry”. First, I studied Biology Education which was a course considered by most as inconsequential because the best you were guaranteed was to work in a classroom.

And the situation became even more precarious by making a third class, hence, a double jeopardy; Biology Education and a Third Class. I made a Third class not because I was not smart but because I did not like the course I was studying.


Abraham Lincoln once said, “If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” That brand new car can be taken away by armed robbers regardless of how many trackers you put in the car; and it can even be taken away by an accident, especially in a culture where some of us do not insure.