Give Yourself Time to Succeed

By Ubong Essien, CSP (Mister Motivator)

I continue to remain amazed at how, over time, the principles of success in application have compounded to reward me with great miracles. Here I was in early 1998 with a 3rd class degree in Biology Education from the University of Ilorin and you would have thought it was all over. Nobody gave me a chance, so to speak. But I had a dream to become a leading motivator of men, to propel people toward peak performance. But I knew also that this was not going to happen overnight, it would require some time.

So, with eagerness I set out to work immediately. I bought all the books I could possibly afford at the time and created the time to not just read but also study and digest the knowledge and inspiration that they presented. This took time in collaboration with the positive desperation to succeed. And because I wanted a motivational speaking career, I embarked on a frenzied research of the “Motivational Fathers” as Orison Marden, Sydney Bremer, Napoleon Hill and lots of others. Slowly, but surely, time was steadily taking its positive toll on both my dreams and myself. I would trek several kilometers on the streets of Lagos to purchase motivational and success books and back home because the funds were not enough.

Through it all, I endured cruel trials and painful mockings, especially from those who did not understand, at the time, the concept and value of motivation and wanted me to get a ‘regular job’. Yet, I was goaded on by the fact that it was only a matter of time before all these values would compound and deliver the desired dividends. This was my consolation in the moments of many a frustration. I knew that time would do the talking at the right time. Little wonder the adage that time will tell. Time is truly a babbler and speaks even when no question is put to it.

Now fast forward to over ten years after, what do you have?

The award-winning publisher of the Achiever’s Manual, an author of 3 motivational titles, a pioneering role in motivational TV broadcasting, Annual Achievers Summit convener featuring some of Nigeria’s finest corporate and entrepreneurial minds, a Motivators Academy with over 100 other professional motivational speakers in training. Not to forget of course my rewarding hourly motivational keynote fees with a clients’ list reading somehow like a “who-is-who” in the corporate world and now The AchieversJournal in your hands.

This is not a script you write in a day and play out overnight. No, you do this over time. Indeed line must be upon line and precept upon precept. That takes time to do. For as the American’s put it; yard by yard life is hard but inch by inch it’s a cinch. It takes time to drive our dreams to their desired realities. It takes time to turn our passions into profitable ventures.

Remember, I was a 3rd class graduate over 10 years ago with no apparent advantages. All of that has changed over time.

See what time hath wroth!

It’s a wonderful life. Next month, I will shift gears into another topic, I will shift gears into another topic, God willing.


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