The Temptation of Proliferation Confine! Confine!! Confine!!!

By Ubong Essien, CSP (Mister Motivator)

Perhaps my greatest battle in life is the daily struggle to stick to my knitting in spite of the many lovely distractions of variation. It is a contention in self-restriction. It is a fight to keep the focus as I scramble daily to cling to my core calling as a motivator of men; to adhere to my area of strength in a world where everything goes. The temptation of proliferation.

It is very likely that you find yourself locked also in this scuffle, battling with so many ideas and struggling on several sides and success seems to be slipping. You have tried everything. You have varied your options and diversified your interests. You have taken all sides of the counsel to heart.

We live in a world that is flooded with opportunities. This generation is endlessly swamped with ideas. There is a battery of businesses one could be doing at this present moment. There are myriads of money-making methodologies out there. And countless career choices as well.

All these under the barrage of motivational speakers calling on us to be all we can be – I plead guilty. We want to have it all, do it all it seems. And so we keep stretching and branching out in our bid to have a bit of every bite. These are nothing but the manifestation of misplaced dissatisfaction.

I think motivational speakers ought to be restricting their message to challenging us towards becoming what we were meant to be as this will inspire us to constructively confine our powers and in so doing confine ourselves to our area of strength. In other words confine! Confine!! Confine!!!

As you review past accomplishments and failures, ask yourself this one question: what would have happened had I confined my energies and resources to that obvious major area of strength or interest out of the myriads that caught my eye?  Where would I have reached by now? Confine your efforts to one thing.

The challenge to confine is not a mandate to cap your potential but to tap into the depths of that major possibility. The only way we can entrench ourselves in a thing is to enmesh our lives in it – to be confined to it. When we give ourselves latitude, we become drenched by the multitude;  we open us up to competing agendas.

When we confine ourselves, competition ceases to be relevant because we are running our own race in our own track. We are confining our powers to that which truly counts and are least susceptible to the dreaded danger of dissipation. We become better able to channel our efforts and resources for maximum outcomes.

We are not saying become confined in your thinking by limiting your aspirations. Rather within the confines of your selected quest, dream as big as you can; dig as deep as you can; aim as high as you can…all within that confined calling and you would have conquered yourself, the necessary first step to conquering your world.

Your task is to sustain the resistance to the temptation of proliferation. Proliferation begets dissipation. Let your new mantra be to: Confine! Confine!! Confine!!!

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