The Day That Turned My Life Around

By Ubong Essien, CSP (Mister Motivator)

Quite often people ask me, “Ubong, what was that turning point in your life that led to your taking the decision to become a motivator?” I always cast my mind back to that fateful day in January 2008. Shortly after my final exams at the University of Ilorin, I had returned home to my parents with great joy to declare mission accomplished – I was now a graduate. Then suddenly it dawned on me that I was now on my own. The euphoria gave way to concern and a great feeling of uncertainty enveloped my entire being. I was now literally on my own because nobody, not even my parents, would be in a position to continue giving me the handouts I had hitherto enjoyed with abandon on account of my student’s status. It dawned on that that I no longer had any reason to show up (like before) at my uncle’s to inform him I was returning to school with the usual expectation of monetary support. I was no longer entitled. And coupled with the fact that I had made a 3rd class with the general paucity of jobs prevalent at the time. I was now on my own. Welcome to the real world.

This was my situation way back in 1998 and I knew I had to do something fast. Something had to give; change had to come from somewhere and I was desperate to see this change. I began to take stock of my assets as a young man. When I say assets I do not mean physical things like a great wardrobe, cars or houses – I had none of these anyway. I was taking stock of my invisible assets – my passion to inspire others; my ability to read books and talk about them; my unbridled sense of curiosity; my interest in writing and what have you. It was this process of self-introspection that became the crystal ball through which I saw into the future that could be rather than moan over my situation as it then was. And I knew without a doubt that I was born to motivate the world. This was my Eureka Moment; I had found it – I had discovered my personal path for purposeful living. All of my past failures and recent shortcomings paled into the background. I had entered a new personal epiphany where I knew that what defines me was far greater than the 3rd Class Biology-Education Degree I held. There was more to me than people could physically appropriate. There was “The Me in me” as E. W. Kenyon would say. And all that was expected of me was simply a leap of faith into this future. I did. I took that leap of faith 13 years ago and have never looked back ever since. That indeed was the day that turned my life around and for good.

I invite you to share with me and our readers your own epiphany – The day that turned your life around.

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